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Gardening and Landscape


landscape architecture, landscaping

Landscape work (Landscape) and garden decoration (Gardening) RSP249 has a design team and provides advice on various plants. Including placement according to Feng Shui principles. so that customers can be both beautiful Plant species that are suitable for the type of landscape. and was feng shui Enhance the fortune and prestige of the owner of that place.

We have everything for gardening.

before starting work We will survey, analyze, design and implement procedures. Customers or service users can help each other. Collaborate on landscaping planning. With the budget that the customer has set, you can be confident that you will get the results according to the budget and meet the needs of customers.

Gardening and Landscape

  • Grass garden

  • Real lawn 

  • Artificial turf

  • House garden

  • Park

Customers can choose the plants they want.

There is a gardening team waiting to serve you at the location.

There are real grass and artificial grass.

Customers and the team can participate in designing, consulting about gardening or landscape.

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