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About us


A RSP 249 Co., Ltd. is a company selling all kinds of flooring products such as rubber tiles, all kinds of tiles, artificial wood. Garden design Get advice to solve this problem. Financial institutions. Consult the debt reduction.


In addition, a RSP 249 Co., Ltd. is a distributor of construction products. Working in various real estate related businesses including distributors of construction equipment for each brand And the company is also a local investment advisor, debt restructuring


We also provide feng shui inspection services about construction, garden design, interior design, land scape writing in order to design according to the objectives of customers and contractors effectively as desired.

Why us? R.S.P. 249

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Very experienced team

The team of R.S.P. 249 that we have selected are all experienced. We work very well in the field of tile work, which makes many customers trust us. which in our work every time Our team takes care of every step of the work. Therefore, the work delivered to customers is of good quality.

Good experience, good quality of work

Every step of our tile work that we have done is Having a team of experienced people joining the team Even though our team has a lot of experience But our team is ready to provide information that customers need to know. or details that customers want whenever they want


Our products are made with care in every detail.

Rubber tiles or other products that is following We have a factory that guarantees quality. Guaranteed product quality When it reaches the customer's hand Definitely won't disappoint customers. The products produced by R.S.P. 249 are of international standards. There is care in every step of production. Until the process of delivering it to the hands of customers

Quality products ready to use

In addition, we have a team with quality and experience in working with rubber tiles. We also have custom made rubber tiles. that are ready for installation by our team or a team that customers trust The products we deliver to customers are inspected before delivery every time.


Pay attention to every service of housework.

Our working process Pay attention to every detail Whether it is the material used Planning and designing everything that directly affects customers, such as viewing services  Feng Shui for Customers to enhance prestige Give advice about the house before starting actual work. design service

Customers like it and tell others.

All our services We have a process in place from the beginning of the project. Until the end of the project Customers can inquire or want to consult. We are happy to give advice about your home. Whether it's a small matter or a big matter, we have a team of experts ready to give advice.


Everyone can have a beautiful house.

Many people think that having a house that have supporting elements, such as a house must be beautiful and modern, but because building a modern house requires high construction costs Until customers are not afraid of paying excessive prices, but not with R.S.P. 249. Here we have products and services related to housework. Construction work that is not too expensive Answer the questions for customers who want


Affordable price

Our products and services are not too high. until making it many times Customers tend to avoid unnecessary items. But we have our own products. Has its own construction team Helps reduce work costs. Therefore making it worthwhile for customers to spend money every time when using services with us.

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