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Interior design, Decoration, Renovation


Renovate interior decoration

Renovation and decoration work by RSP249 is ready to take care of, from concept setting, plan design, mood & tone control, functional design, as well as the installation of electrical, water and system systems. conditioning The design will focus on both beauty and utility, so the decorative design will focus on being ergonomic as possible and in accordance with Feng Shui principles to enhance prestige and auspiciousness for customers._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_


We also care about the arrangement of furniture. Choose to use furniture to match the concept that customers want. and match the theme that customers want Or customers can choose furniture as needed. We have consultants who specialize in interior work to work alongside the design work.

team ready to design

RSP249 has a complete team, including a team of designers and architects, a team of engineers, chief technicians, supervisors and a team of experienced technicians. Customers can be assured of quality work and on-time delivery. 

Interior design

  • improvement inside the building Office 

  • interior decoration of house, building, room

  • Renovation of the interior

  • Renovation of various places of business

  • Room interior

There is a team ready to give advice and take action.

There is a Feng Shui check service for the owner.

Floor design with cooperation from the team and customer relations.

There is a team of experts and well trained in floor work.

Design, improve according to customer orders and want all themes, all styles that customers are interested in.

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