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Flooring, Engineered wood


Tile floor, marble floor, vinyl floor

For floor work, the RSP249 can meet the needs of customers in all types, materials, and surfaces that they want, such as tiling work. Marble/granite floor work, sand floor, concrete stamps, etc.


RSP249 can provide complete customer service, complete in one place, from on-site measurement, pattern design, price estimation, and installation with all the materials we have. no matter what kind of work We accept every job

Engineered wood flooring

engineered wood flooring that combines the natural beauty of real wood and specific technology from RSP 249 through standardized production Cover the surface with real veneer wood. variety of patterns suitable for every decor There is a rate of inflation and deflection. through drying and compressing termite protection solution It has a strong, durable surface with 8 layers of UV acrylic lacquer coating and can be sanded and painted in case the wood surface has marks after many years of use.

Flooring work

  • LVT PVC Tile

  • Common tiles

  • Swimming pool tiles

  • Wall tiles

  • Marble floor

  • Engineered wood floor

  • Vinyl floor

Vinyl floor

Vinyl Flooring from leading countries in many colors and patterns. You can be confident with high quality products, beautiful, long service life. Variety of thickness according to type of application Eliminate the problem of termites and insects Standard products with installation by a team of professional technicians.

Including brands of SPC LVT rubber tiles from leading brands 

Engineered wood flooring, realistic wood pattern, beautiful, durable

RSP 249 has its own brand of rubber tiles. through international standards

There is a team of experts and well trained in floor work.

There is a team to consult about floor work before designing, evaluating prices, including everything in one place.

Floor design with cooperation from the team and customer relations.

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