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Concrete slab work concrete work 

Concrete slab work, plaster work, concrete slab work, road work is one of the construction works that we accept. Whether making a road into the village enter tourist attractions make entrance to house Or pour cement to build a courtyard Multipurpose yard A place for use or open space for rent for activities, flea markets, night markets, community meeting spaces, or related works that require cement as a component of the project.

We have to inspect the area before pouring the concrete and making the road, whether it is measuring the water level to find the equality of the ground. Soil adjustment for concrete pouring To ensure that our concrete work meets the standards. The ground level is equal and level, meeting the needs of road users. or a level ground

Use quality concrete mortar.

Concrete work

  • concrete slab work

  • Construction, plastering, pouring

  • concrete road

  • multipurpose courtyard

Concrete work RSP249 is a distributor of ready-mixed concrete of various famous brands. Delivery service to the event site nationwide. Customers can be assured of the quality of concrete they will receive along with on-time delivery. for the best quality of work

RSP249 is a distributor of CPAC concrete, INSEE cement, Nam Heng TPI, and V-Concrete.

CPAC Concrete

Eagle mortar

TPI Mortar

V- Concrete

Nam Heng Concrete

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