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ลิฟท์ Three Sides Stainless Steel Handrail Hospital Bed Elevator

ลิฟท์ Three Sides Stainless Steel Handrail Hospital Bed Elevator

ลิฟท์ Luxury Split Transparent Arc Glass Sightseeing Elevator


Quick Information

  • Brand Name:SWORD
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Model Number :S700B
  • Drive Type :AC
  • Control cabinet :Microcomputer
  • Main machine :Gearless traction
  • Door operator :VVVF



Hospital bed elevator 
1.Green energy saving,leading the low-carbon trend 
2.Sensitive control,make sure safety operation 



1. Won CE, Ghost and ISO certificate
2. Leading technology accurate and efficient
3. Low power consumption energy conservation and environmental protection
4. The perfect combination, human-oriented.
5. Luxurious elegant modeling and perfect function exterior design
6. Small machine room design to save space
7. Small control cabinet can be placed on the narrow steel beam, suitable for small room, and complies with
8. The requirements of the elevator industry development trend

  • Basic function

     Run function 

    Full Collective Operation Cancel Error Calls
    Load Non Stop Door Opening button
    Floor of Lobby Door Closing button
    Hoistway Floor Space Learning Re-Initialize
    Fault Diagnosis Door Opening/Closing Adjusting
    Anti-Nuisance Car Call Protection Re-opening for landing door

     Security features 

    End Protection Power Grid anomaly detection
    Drive Overheat Protection Light Curtain
    Close Torque Protection Overload Protection
    Speed anomaly detection Delayed Car Protection
    Contactor anomaly detection Break anomaly detection

     Emergency functions 

    Emergency Electric Operation

    In Machine Room

    Emergency Light
    Alarm Bell  

     Energy-saving features

    Lighting & Fan Control in Car Door hold cancel

     Man-machine interface

    Passing Chime in Car Hall & Car Direction Indicator
    LCD car & Hall Screen  

     Special run

    Parking Top of Car Inspection
  • Price

    • Price Condition :FOB
    • Price :USD15000 / 30000
    • Delivery Port :Shanghai China
  • Packaging & Delivery

    • Packing :Exploration steel side Wooden Box
    • Delivery Lead Time :20~40days
    • Minimum Order :1 set
    • Supply Ability :50000 sets per year
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