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บันไดเลื่อน Automatic Travelator Moving Walk

บันไดเลื่อน Automatic Travelator Moving Walk

บันไดเลื่อน Automatic Travelator Moving Walk


Quick Information

  • Brand Name:SWORD
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Model Number :S900T-H
  • Usage :Automatic escalator
  • Drive Type :AC
  • Control cabinet :Microcomputer
  • Specification

    1. Won CE, Ghost and ISO certificate
    2. Raise height: 1.5m-20m
    3. Drive: Micro-processor and PLC
    4. Traction machine: Geared



    1. Leading technology accurate and efficient

    2. The perfect combination, human-oriented.

    3. Vertical geared traction machine, ensure riding comfort and safety.

    4. Auto-lubrication, environmental friendly.

    5. Microprocessor control with safety switches monitor whole riding ensure safety.

  • Basic function

    Security protection(standards)

    Comb protection device Handrail entrance protection device
    Step sunk protection device Protection device for loosen/broken step chain

    Protection device for over-speed of traction machine

    Non-manipulated reversal protection device of  traction machine

    Safety switch for fan cover in open position Motor overload & overheat  protection
    Relay adhesion protection Inverter/converter fault protection
    Water level detecting switch(outdoor type) Contactor protection
    Safety switch for broken drive-chain  
    Basic function
    Select the Running Direction Warning before Startup
    Automatic Lubrication Automatic Fault Display
    Inspection Inching Host Speed Testing
    Motor Protection Function Frequency Conversion Function(Only Esclators)
    Optional function  
     Protection for broken handrail Apron protection safety switch 
     Detection for over-worn brake shoe Additional brake (>6m standard specification)
     Oil level alarm switch step lighting 
     Comb lighting  
     Running Direction Indicator Lamp Skirt Lighting 
     Balustrade Lighting  Oblique Balustrade
     Step Warning Light  


  • Price

    • Price Condition :FOB
    • Price :USD15000 / 30000
    • Delivery Port :Shanghai China
  • Packaging & Delivery

    • Packaging & Delivery

    • Packing :Exploration steel side Wooden Box
    • Delivery Lead Time :20~40 days
    • Minimum Order :1 sey
    • Supply Ability :50000 sets per year
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